Three Men Swore a Solemn Oath

It rained and it rained and it rained.

Old women lost a day asking each other whether they had ever seen rain like it, and deciding that no they hadn’t, not rain like this.


And it rained and it rained, and farmers who always welcomed rain, who scoffed at people in the town who fled indoors at every little shower. Those farmers felt their satisfaction at the heavy rain turn to concern, and then to despair and at last to resignation as fields lay waterlogged with cropped rotted in the mud and animals drowned or stranded. Because what could they do, what could anyone do in rain like this?


And still it rained, and roofs that were thought sound were found out, and pools appeared on parlour floors and buckets were laid out to catch drops which turned to trickles which turned to streams of water. Flowing out of houses and into streets which were themselves turning into streams. And the people of the town started to ask each other, “Will this rain never stop?” 


Soon the streets were lost to the water and people took to boats and coracles to get from place to place. In the houses the people abandoned the lower floors and