Malcolm Glossop - Investigative Journalist

Hello, my name is Malcolm Glossop and I am an Investigative Journalist. To me this is the highest calling a man of letters can answer. I expose corruption at the highest levels of society and uncover the filth at the lowest.  Unfortunately we live in times where seekers after truth such as myself are not always welcome, big newspapers and so-called "recognised" publishers don't want to know what's really going on out there. Which leaves people like me self-publishing over the internet, from my own independent media centre, in my mums spare room.


In many, but not all, respects this is the idea set up for a truly independent voice, I don't have a Editor steering me towards any particular line or standpoint, and I don't have any shareholders or advertisers to pander to. This means I can create revelatory pieces such as "The Secrets of the Cubes" which looks beyond he pyramids, which this writer feels has been done to death, and onto the power of the cube. And which cube? All of them, the Rubiks Cube which has never been solved by this reporter, The ship thing that the Borg fly about in, Sugar Cubes – which do not occur in nature and are actually created artificially in factories (Expose!), some more cubes. No mainstream media would touch something like that in a million years, but luckily I can get it out there!


In the early days I submitted some of my work to the regular publishers only to have them CRUELLY REJECTED for example, my 2003 piece on the real origins of the “British Royal family” which was rejected out of hand my numerous publishing houses for the most spurious of reasons, "spelling", "grammar", too many "things" in "quotation marks" so-called "legal issues" because I proved beyond any doubt that Prince Edward is the direct descendent of Rasputin.


My seminal 2006 piece “Living with the Manson Family” when I sent 2 weeks in total investigative immersion with the family of Colin and Helen Manson who run a bed and breakfast in Lowestoft. Coin Manson was a very brave and generous man, when I asked him how his life had been affected by sharing not only a surname but also a first initial with the infamous cult leader murderer Charles Manson he replied “Well I’ve never thought about it really.” And when I asked if he’d ever been tempted to commit an horrific  murder he denied that such a thought had ever crossed his mind. Well let me tell you, after a fortnight of my tireless investigation – he finally said, and I quote, that he could “see where Charles Manson was coming from”!

Among my other ground breaking exposes which you will not have heard of are:

  • Ant Farms - The Great Deception, did you know there is pracically no market for commercialy grown ants and yet these agricultural follys are marketed freely across the UK
  • Crop Circles - if they don't mean anything then why did the UK government spend £300 million pounds of tax payers money building GCHQ in the shape of one 
  • another one

And don't get me started on the so-called investigations in the mainstream media, another 7 page expose from The Guardian's on segregation of green and black olives.

But I have another investigatino underway, from my headquarters in Leominster I've been able to obswerve the worlds media (thanks to a 3 month free trial from Sky) and I've uncovered eveidence of a plot against the people of the UK by our older and moost insiduous ememy. I am of course, talking about France.
Evidence includes:
  • Cookery Programs - some even presented by openly continental men - eg Raymond blanc
  • more evidence - the decline of traditional British food such as boiled beef, tripe and pies that come in tins
  • more evidence - the availablility of quiche in Iceland
  • more evidence - Sarcozy is the exact same height as Napoleon (and also )
  • frenchification of british words such as, expose