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Making Hand Signals While Cycling

posted 29 Sept 2012, 10:09 by Tim Butler   [ updated 29 Sept 2012, 10:12 ]
So I cycle to work. I'm one of those cyclists who always stop at the lights, always stay on the road (never of the pavement), wears a helmet, uses lights even when it's not really dark and wears a vile fluro jacket. In short, I'm a very sensible sort of cyclist. Which is why, against all apparent logic, I often attempt to make hand signals while turning left and right. It just feels like one of those things that a sensible cyclist would do - like checking your brakes before setting off (which I have definitely done once I'm sure).

But here's the rub, here's the amazing paradox which is about to send your brain into a infinite loop of recursive madness. Making bloody hand signals makes me fall off! Well not quite fall off because I always stop signalling and grab the handlebars again in time to keep the thing upright. But I quite often veer about in an unpredictable and not at all sensible fashion. Basically, a signalling cyclist is a wobbly cyclist at best. So what to do? Keep your directional intentions to yourself and go for it as fast as your legs will take you or share them with the world and risk careering into an oncoming bin wagon?

It's a conundrum which, I fear, will never be solved in my life time. Unless I can somehow fit indicators to my the sides of my helmet...